Where Should You Meditate? Everywhere!


Where Should You Meditate? Everywhere!

With the uprising of many new ideologies such as the New Age Movement, the acceptance of eastern religions into western society, and an overall shift in consciousness, mediation is slowly starting to become an integral part of society. Due to this, thousands of people are trying to begin this ancient practice, looking for a set of guidelines and instructions to lead them down the proper path. I too have been, and am still in, this cycle. However, along my journey I have learned one important lesson. Meditation has no bounds. Many times people feel so confined by the strict rules of meditation. “Sit in this way. Make sure you are in this kind of room with these kind of sounds. Have this mindset when meditating.” Now of course all of these rules have been made with good reason. They are proven to enhance your meditation sessions, but at the end of the day there are truly no limits to how you can meditate and WHERE you can meditate.

I first encountered this realization while attending a friend’s party in college. Feeling a little overwhelmed by the environment at the time, I decided to go for a walk outside despite the cold breeze taking me by shock. I found an outdoor staircase and decided to take a seat. I proceeded to have an incredible meditative experience which changed the way I viewed and felt the world from that day forth. I even felt the warmth of the cold air seemingly fill me with energy. No, I wasn’t sitting cross-legged. I was not chanting any mantra or reciting any affirmation. I didn’t even close my eyes. However, through relaxation and “passive focus” on my senses, I entered a beautiful meditative state. Throughout the rest of that year, I began to meditate while walking around campus. This was done by shifting my awareness entirely inwards, blocking out the outside world, or by shifting my awareness entirely outwards, absorbing all of the life around me. Over the years, I’ve practiced different forms of meditation in club environments, at work, at parks, at a concert, and more. The basic message is that meditation can be practiced ANYWHERE.

I challenge you to push yourself to expand the limitations of your meditative practices. I must admit that it is advisable for a beginner to practice in a comfortable and calm environment. When you begin to feel more comfortable/control, then begin to expand more. Another disclaimer is that some of the more advanced forms of meditation will most likely be harder to effectively perform if not in a proper environment and state of mind. With all of that being said, I am going to share a list of places you should try to meditate if the chance presents itself.

Where Can You Meditate?

  • Park – Parks are beautiful places that are great for both closed and open eye meditative practices. Breathe in the fresh air!
  • Walking – As stated above, you can use the time that you spend walking to play with your perception and conscious awareness.
  • Work – Work can be awfully stressful at times. It’s a good idea to set aside 5-15 minutes at work and regain your peace.
  • Bar – This is a great way to deal with all of the social games associated with bars and clubs. It brings you back into yourself and grounds you.
  • Meditation Circles – Meditating with like minded individuals in a meditation circle is a great way to practice. These also provide powerful guided meditations by experts in the practice.
  • Drum Circle – I’ve tried this once and saw a fellow peer doing the same. It was one of the most awesome experiences I’ve had. The drums really do something to the brain.
  • Nature Reserves – Nature. Nature. Nature. It’s simply limitless and beautiful. Fresh air and sun is so important. Connect with the boundless earth.monk
  • Bed – My most enjoyable way and place to meditate is simply to lay down on my back on the bed or a couch.
  • Concerts – This is a cool way to allow the music you are listening to take you into a different place. Allow the music to flow through you.
  • Car – If you’re on the run and need a moment to clear your head or meditate, this will get the job done
  • Museum – This would be a cool location for open eye meditative practices.
  • Church – Prayer is indeed a form of meditation. Even if you are not praying but are religious, the church can provide an aiding environment to your meditative practice.
  • Any Waiting Area – There are plenty of times over the course of a year where you are stuck in some waiting area for 5-45 minutes with nothing to do. Well now you have something to do!
  • MORE! Once again, there are no limits. Just be responsible haha.

Give a few of these locations a try and let me know if you have any cool meditation stories or locations that suit your practices well!

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