What Makes A Person Wise?

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What Makes A Person Wise?

What does it mean to be wise? Words such as wisdom, knowledgeable, and intelligence are always thrown around to define an individual’s mental aptitude. Each of these 3 descriptions are important in their own way, but they are so often misinterpreted or mixed into each other. I’ll be focusing on wisdom in this particular post, but will touch more on intelligence in greater detail in days to come.

So, what makes an individual wise? It is simply the attainment and application of lessons learned through a wide variety of experiences.

Let me break this down into a few pieces in order to paint the full picture for you. First, there must be experience. If you believe you know something without having some sort of experience, internal or external, to confirm that knowledge, then you are simply knowledgeable of that thing. The experience will solidify that knowledge. It allows you to feel and understand that knowledge. Now, that doesn’t mean that what you think you know and experience is true, but it gives you the firm ground to fully embrace it.wisdom

Next is lessons learned and applied. Every moment of our life is an experience, some more dynamic than others. However, the lessons that you learn from your experiences is what generates the wisdom. This is why simply being old in age doesn’t imply wisdom. A 30 year old man who is able to grasp a life altering lesson every day is quite obviously going to be more wise than a 75 year old man who only grasps a life altering lesson every few years. Now of course, application is crucial. If that 30 year old only holds on to and uses 1% of the lessons he attains, then how wise is he really? Wisdom implies action. Wisdom says that I know better, therefore I do better. A wise a individual is able to display their wisdom through their lifestyle. Their actions will speak loud and clear.

Now, here’s the kicker! Life itself is a driving mechanism for wisdom. Life forces wisdom upon all of us, but it is our job to accept it. You see, when you fail to learn important lessons that are meant to advance you along your journey, you will enter into a repetitive cycle. Life will place you in situations where you experience the same frustrations, confusion, and trauma because you’ve yet to take away and apply the needed lessons. This also ties into the idea of reincarnation, however I’ll cover that in a future post.

So, what can you do about this? It simply takes a different outlook on how you view your life experiences. Instead of feeling victimized and attacked by life as if it is some alien force designed to make your life difficult, view life as a classroom designed to teach you important lessons that will help you evolve into your greater self. Find the light and lessons in each of life’s valuable experiences. ┬áSo, I wish you the best of luck along your journey, and feel free to share your personal definitions of what makes a person wise!


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