Trump Is President – Where Do We Go From Here?

Where do we go from here?

Something that most people thought would never happened became a reality today. Donald Trump won the Presidency of the United States, and fear abounds. This is mostly because of the views, speech, and actions of Trump. He really showed us how ironic the term “United States” really is. We can feel the divide among our people…black vs. white, poor vs. wealthy, Christian vs. Islamic, conservative vs. liberal, immigrant vs. “American”, and the list continues. We essentially have a presidential candidate whom represents the needs of one demographic, when we supposedly live in a melting pot. And once again, fear abounds. This will be the last of the criticism spoken in this article, as there is plenty around the web. All we can hope is that Trump leads the nation with dignity and sound leadership. I hope that his acceptance speech is a better reflection of his 4 years in the White House than the months leading to his election dictate.

So, I’m left with an all-important question. Where do we go from here? This answer can change depending on where your emotional and energetic state rests at the moment. If you are caught up in the web of fear, anger, anxiety, and hate, then your answer may look a little something like violence, a string of complaints, attacking the opposition, complacency, and paralysis. We have to understand the power of collective energy. When there are millions of people aligned on a similar frequency, especially a negative frequency, it grows in power and becomes very contagious.  We then have to ask ourselves,  how do we want to live in the days to come, because the cycle of complaint and complacency sure can be alluring.


Let’s Create

My answer? There is work to be done, and much of it. There is already an abundance of energy within us and around us due to this election outcome. As mentioned above, you can let this energy lead you down an abyss of unproductivity or allow it to push you forward to create quality work. There is not a better time to begin to create, strategize, and assist. Is there an initiative you’ve always wanted to create? Do you have a passion to inform others of what is really going on, essentially waking people up? Do you feel that you need to take the time to learn more yourself? This is the best time to do it, and we need it! We need those with a fire, to fan it. Now is the time to water and cultivate your seeds. But I ask of you, try not to create with a burdened or hateful heart. Although anger or hate can drive creation, many times those creations are rooted in destruction. We’ve had enough chaos, and there will be more to come without our assistance. I am not using destruction as a synonym for aggressive action. The world will need healing, creativity, love, and passion in the years to come. This is but the beginning of an era. If you are familiar with the Platonic Age, Great Year, or Precession of Equinoxes, then you would know that we are amidst the transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. Consciousness will begin to shift. There will be unfortunate hell to endure, and it will take warriors and light to maintain the balance. We need balance!

So, where do we go from here? We go to work. We make a positive impact in the lives around us. We learn and grow. We create. Life doesn’t stop, and the sun will continue to rise every morning. If you receive the calling and live the vision, then there will be balance both internally and externally. The world will be grateful for this worthy sacrifice.

I know this message is not for everyone, but I know that it struck home for me. I know there are those out there who will cease this opportunity to buckle down and use this opportunity to build. With that being said, my work continues. I send positive energy and love to you all, and I know you will endure the days to come boldly and with an open heart.


~ D’Andre McMillan


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  1. Thanks for the encouragement and inspiration to channel my energy.

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