The Truth of Enlightenment


The Truth of Enlightenment

The idea of being enlightened is spreading across the collective consciousness at rapid rates. At times I’ve claimed that I underwent an enlightenment of sorts which propelled me to the next level of human experience. Many seek enlightenment as a rights of passage into spiritual adept-hood. Is enlightenment a mental concept that is to be achieved through focus of thought and studies? Is enlightenment to be attained through spiritual practices such as meditation and prayer? My answer to these questions is yes and no. The steps above are all beneficial to your growth, but they are not prerequisites, nor do they define enlightenment.

What is Enlightenment?

Enlightenment is often seen as attaining something; a something that you didn’t previously own. This way of thinking can lead to an individual who has yet to be enlightened to feel inferior and one who has to feel superior. I do not see enlightenment as being an external gathering or accomplishment. I define enlightenment as the unveiling of the light within. We are inherently light beings, full of powerful luminescence. So, this immediately gets rid of the idea of someone being better than someone else due to their enlightened state or intellectual prowess. So then, what is the enlightenment process? The process of enlightenment entails the unveiling of your light, as mentioned above. In fact, you are already enlightened. You are full of light, information, potential. So, all that’s to be done is to free the light! Eckhart Tolle shares a similar view of enlightenment. Take a look at his explanation below:

How to Unveil Your Light

We all know that talk is cheap. Action is necessary to really see the results we are seeking. So, let me identify some of the veils that are blocking your light. These veils consist mostly of illusion which presents itself in things such as fear, political and educational brainwashing, religious brainwashing, surrounding yourself around the wrong people, being put in or putting yourself in the negative environments, creating crippling habits of behavior and thinking, and more. You must walk into the fire and begin to dismantle these veils one at a time. This takes honest and open critique of yourself. This criticism is not to judge yourself or make yourself feel guilty, but to liberate yourself. I always address my hindrances with love and understanding. EnlightenmentUnderstanding that these illusions do not define me, and they will no longer be bound to me either.

Pros and Cons of Enlightenment

There are many benefits to this unveiling process. What it has done for me is allowed me to build a new empire. I’ve been able to construct my own codes for living, own belief systems,  and my own vision for the future. You are no longer bound to the countless illusionary chains which so eagerly seek to hold us. Freedom is abundant and…free. You will also begin to master the habit of seeing through and breaking down illusions. The more you work on this the easier it becomes. Now when faced with any program, concept, belief, or external information, I am almost immediately able to break down the illusionary flaws. This allows you to find truth in everything. This allows you to remain uncompromised by lies.

Of course, with anything, there are cons as well. When in this unveiled state you might find difficulty in related to and being understood by others. When sharing your new found light, you might find others trying to place their shade over it.  You will not be understood many times. You might not even fit into the same circle of friends and family as you used to. This will take some getting used to for sure. However, there are plenty of people out there who will have the heart and will to understand and relate to you. You are not alone my friend.

There are also some internal cons to this unveiling. You will be forced to deal with many of your fears, insecurities, and belief systems on a consistent basis. This generates large discomfort.  You will need to hold yourself accountable everyday for the things you do and believe. This doesn’t mean convicting yourself and feeling bad about yourself, but just being conscious of what you do without blaming outside forces for it. There will also be periods of confusion where you won’t be sure what to do next and won’t have the answers to many of the questions you ask. This is natural, and you must trust the process. This takes patience and faith of self. You are going to have to breakdown your mental psyche, which is the building block of your reality. However, it will then rebuild into a stronger, healthier version of itself. This is similar to working out. During and after an intense workout there is pain and soreness to endure. However, after a few days of rest your body has healed and is now stronger than it was before. There is a process involved.

Good Luck!

With all of this being said, I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors. Regardless of where you are along your journey, there is always room to improve. Some of you might be at a stage where you have to begin challenging and breaking down your fears and insecurities. Some of you might be at a point where you have freed yourself from the matrix and illusions and are ready to dive into cleansing your body and changing your diet. No matter where you are on your journey, we are all in this together. We are all full of light which is seeking to shine in its full abundance, and I wish you the best of luck in the shining of your light!

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