15 Tricks To Overcome A Bad Mood

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15 Tricks To Overcome A Bad Moodno stress

We all tend to get into bad moods from time to time, some more than others. Many times we aren’t even sure what is causing this mood shift or of how to break out of this negative cycle. I find it important for your overall health to learn how to lift the dark veil of a bad mood as soon as possible in order to move forward in a more beneficial way.

The next time you are facing a negative or bad mood, try one of the following methods to quickly alleviate yourself of the mood:

  1. Love and Kindness Meditation

    This method serves as a way to soften your heart and open up to others. It consists of taking time to internally, or even externally, express thoughts of compassion, love, kindness, empathy, respect, and positivity towards others and yourself. I would suggest that you focus on others first. This allows you to take away some of the ego and focus off of yourself and give your attention and love to others. An added benefit to this practice is a deeper respect for others. You will begin to see the beauty and greatness in people around you. It’s hard to stay in a bad mood when you are putting your energy towards generating love.

  2. Play Feel Good Music

    We all have those songs that get us going! Those songs that get us up and dancing, feeling alive, feeling goofy, and leave us smiling. This might be one of the easiest ways to get out of a funk. An example of a recent song that tends to do this for me is Lingus by Snarky Puppy.


  3. Exercise

    This is a good way to both distract yourself from the negative emotions, but also transfer the negative energy into health generating physical energy. Some people call it letting out steam. Why not push for better physical, emotional, and mental health all at once?

  4. Create Art

    I absolutely love this method! It tends to be very productive and allows you to really express yourself. There have been many times when I’m feeling down, and I pick up my trombone and make a little music. I can also go pick up my colored pencils and begin to draw (not very well haha). This unleashes creative energy and gives me an expressive outlet. As an additional plus, you begin to perfect your craft and better develop artistic skills during this practice. Creating art can extend to whatever you feel artistic expression is for you. It is not simply painting or playing an instrument.

  5. Gratitude Meditation/Exercise

    I love what this one can do for the mental health! Gratitude meditation works just as it sounds. You take time to think about many of the things you are grateful for. If you’re really down in the dumps, it might be a bit harder for you to come up with things to be grateful for haha. However! It’s okay to start small. You can be grateful for being able bodied, being alive yet another day, having the ability to fill your stomach with food that day, and so much more! This begins to shift your perspective of things and might make the problems you are currently dealing with seem less significant.

  6. Get Out in Nature

    Getting out into the fresh air and observing nature can be incredible and rejuvenating. It’s a good way to come into your senses and see the vastness of what is around you and all that you are in. Look at the trees and landscapes. Listen to and look for animals in your environment. Feel the wind or sun on your skin. It serves as a positive distraction and refresher.

  7. Make and Drink Tea

    Tea holds great herbal extracts that can benefit your health and mood. It can also be very soothing and replenishing. There are teas designed specifically for stress relief, lifting your mood, and balancing your energy. The process of making this tea can also be soothing. I believe the process of boiling the water, steeping the tea, and preparing the tea (if you need to), can also be therapeutic. Then, the process of having to slowly drink the hot tea adds to the process as well.

  8. Aromatherapy

    Aromatherapy is the process of using various aromas and essential oils to stimulate your body in various ways. This alternative method of healing and supplementation has been spreading widely over the past few years. This is really a simple way to receive a range of benefits from these natural aromas. I personal love the effects of lavender in my life. It helps me deal with headaches, it calms me, and brings clarity. Here is an extensive aromatherapy guide to answer any questions you might have: Aromatherapy Guide

  9. Perform a Good Deedgood deed

    This is yet another great way to turn your negative energy into a positive manifestation! Even if you aren’t in the best of moods, that doesn’t have to stop you from going out of your way to help someone else. Doing so allows you to set aside your own problems for a moment to assist someone else in theirs. Once the deed is done, the other
    person/people will be left better off and happier than you when you encountered them. They will then reciprocate positivity and joy your way. This will ultimately lead to you feeling much better as well. You’ve just killed two birds with one stone.

  10. Find The Root

    This tool is more direct and will allow you to solve the actual problems causing the funky mood. Dig to the root of why you are upset or in a bad mood. What is it that got you to this point? Why did that thing affect you as severely as it did? Really get to the root of things. Once that is done, you will be able to begin the process of resolving the cause of your mood. I would definitely suggest this be a process that is done as much as possible, as it will generate a great habit of accountability and direct problem solving.

  11. Play With Your Thoughts and Language

    This is an almost instantaneous way to resolve your situation. Instead of thinking and saying words with negative connotation like hate, bad, ugly, annoyed, use words such as love, good, beautiful, peaceful, etc. This will reprogram your thought process which will translate to a more uplifted mood. For example, let’s say that someone gave you a bad attitude at work and got you feeling upset. One might think things like, “I can’t stand that person! They get on my nerves! They can’t do anything right.” ┬áThese are all negative thoughts that only amplify your already negative mood. This is the exact opposite of what you want, and what’s worse is that when you run into that person next time you will already be ready for more negative conflict. Instead, try and say things like, “I’m not fully sure why they treated me this way, but I hope it isn’t because they are dealing with much worse in their personal lives. I’m sure they aren’t a bad person, but they just need to resolve some inner struggles they are dealing with. They’re attitude towards me isn’t personal.” That change in thought can easily clear up your bad mood and lead to more productive interactions with that person in the future. ┬áHere is a list of positive affirmations.

  12. Become Proactive and Productive

    This is simple enough. Begin working on projects or productive activities to both get your mind off of what caused your current mood and to turn that bad energy into productive energy. As with many things on this list, this is a transfer of focus and energy. It is ideal that you work on something that isn’t directly related to what caused your bad mood, unless you using that activity as a positive outlet. Get some work done!

  13. Come Into Your Senses

    This is really a method of getting out of your head. It is ideal to be in nature for this, but it can be done anywhere. All this requires is for you to pay close attention to each of your senses and energetic state. So, if I go outside it would look like the following. I would pay close attention to vastness, yet detailed flow of the scenery around me. I would breathe in the fresh air and observe how it feels. I would touch the grass or other nature around me. I would listen for the songs of birds and insects resonating all around me. Feel the wind hit my skin. The list goes on. This can be applied to any environment as previously stated.

  14. Do Yogayoga

    Yoga is a beautiful way to relieve stress and move the energy throughout your body. It’s hard to worry about what happened 20 minutes ago when you engage in a thorough yoga routine involving full body breathing. As with most things on this last, doing this activity will not only help your mood, but improve your health as well. Give it a shot, especially if you’ve never tried it before.

  15. Laugh

    Simply laugh! Break out laughing, rather you mean it or not. You might even find yourself eventually laughing at your laughing. Exaggerate it! Don’t worry about sounding crazy. Laugh it off. This can do more wonders than you might be expecting.


Give these little tricks a try, and I’m sure at least one of them will help you get out of a bad mood. Please share additional techniques in the comment section below!



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