7 Things To Leave Behind In 2016

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7 Things To Leave Behind In 2016

I’m sure you remember the parade of inspiration, New Year’s resolutions, and optimism that popped up at every corner during the opening days of 2016. Sadly many of those posts of inspiration began to steadily disappear as the year went on. By the end of 2016, memes and posts started to reflect the failed expectations of 2016.

I’d hate to see people transitioning out of 2017 feeling similarly to what I’m seeing this year. There is no reason why we can’t enter into and exit out of 2017 not feeling cheated and still invigorated for the next year. This is why I’ve made a list of 7 things to leave behind in 2016 which will make a definite impact on the success of your 2017 year. Let’s get into it!


Throughout the year, I’ve observed a barrage of regrets shared on social media and through personal conversation. A large portion of these regrets tended to revolve around dating and relationships, however the regrets shared were not exclusive to people’s loves lives.

Holding regrets is an easy way to get stuck in the past. Regret can lead to discontent, a feeling of wanting to change the unchangeable, emotional instability, and drained energy. Regretting life’s occurrences and experiences is not accepting life’s occurrences and experiences. It is making the choice to reject the way things have been, and in doing so you can easily be sucked into a cycle of discontent with the state of your life.

Now, when speaking of regret, it is perfectly normal to have moments of regret. There is no need in regretting, regretting haha. The real issue comes when you hold on to those temporary regrets for longer or permanent durations of time.

The Blame Game

The Blame Game isn’t as fun as it sounds. It’s actually quite frustrating. You see, The Blame Game is the process of viewing an experience or outcome and blaming the results on something or someone else. It’s so effective because it takes the burden of accountability off of your shoulders. You’re now able to rest assured knowing that, that relationship didn’t work out because Michael didn’t care enough to fight for it. You can feel less burdened in knowing that you didn’t get the job promotion because your boss is a jerk. You no longer have to take responsibility for the tornado which is your emotions, because your mother and grandmother had the same problem.

Do you see the problem with this tricky game? In all of these situations, responsibility is absent. The individual playing the game doesn’t actually solve any of their problems or learn any valuable lessons. The individual playing the game is still in the same messed up position they were in before. Playing The Blame Game helps NOONE!

It’s so easy to become heavily involved in this game, because it brings momentary comfort. Unfortunately, it doesn’t bring long term success. Examine the ways that you might be placing the blame of your shortcomings and misfortunes on someone or something else. Begin to think about how you, not someone else, can transform them.


I’ve done a post called How To Overcome Boredom , where I discuss the issues and solutions to modern day boredom. Although we have more distractions than ever before, people also seem to be just as affected by the grips of boredom. Develop visions and goals that provide you with the drive to always have something productive to be doing. Tap into your creative genius and imagination to fill the spaces that boredom might otherwise occupy.


Gossip is a poison. This poison is just about everywhere. There are gossip magazines, websites, television shows, and more. Gossip is pervasive in school, work places, among friends and family, on social media, and everywhere in between. All gossip serves to accomplish is the spreading of negativity. It provides those gossiping a false sense of superiority. However, all they are doing is spreading unproductive and often hurtful information about others. They are distorting the energy of other people’s lives. Sadly enough, this distortion of other’s energies will do the exact same to their own energy. They will be caught in this web of negativity, and often times will be gossiped about themselves. Don’t fall victim to this tempting trend.


People Pleasing

Just let it go. Not everyone will approve of the way you live your life. You can never appease everyone and their expectations of you, so save yourself the trouble. Letting go of people pleasing will allow you to come into the fullness of who you are and express it without inhibition. You won’t be afraid of how others will perceive who you are or what you do. Such freedom is a beautiful thing.

So, if your Instagram picture doesn’t get the 100 likes you wanted or if the girl you went on a date with didn’t respond how you would have liked, it’s perfectly fine! That doesn’t define your value as a human being. You are great and brilliant regardless of what other people think of you.


This one seems to be fairly obvious, but it happens so much. Self-destruction can be partaking in activities that you know are harmful to your well-being, but you do them anyways. Self-destruction can be surrounding yourself with individuals who bring you down. Self-destruction can even look like giving up on your dreams.

Identify your self-destructing habits and associations and begin the process of slowly releasing them from your life. Finally, find constructive habits and associations to replace the old ones. Take control of your destiny.


Finally, leave 2016 in 2016. You might’ve had the best year of your life. 2016 could have been quite devastating for you. You might fit somewhere in-between the two extremes. Regardless, let 2016 stay in 2016. Move forward looking ahead, not through the rear view mirror. Take the valuable lessons given, the seeds planted, and the progress made in 2016 and let them guide you to a fruitful 2o17. Don’t use 2016 as a comparative measure to dictate the value of 2017. Just because you feel like 2016 might be better than 2017 doesn’t diminish the value of 2017. Just because you feel like 2016 might be worse than 2017 doesn’t diminish the value of 2016.

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