40 Positive Affirmations for Any Situation!

The combination of thoughts, beliefs, and words have power and create the reality which we live in each and every day.  They are the tools wPositive Affirmations can often make you appear to be full of life like this woman.hich form us into the “I” that we experience.  They fill our minds and escape our lips only to reverberate through space, hoping to impart their will on another.  This process that I am describing is called communication.  Now I’m sure that we’ve all experienced the influence that another persons words have had on our life.  Hearing the words, “I love you,” can lift your spirits for an entire day.  In juxtaposition to this, the words, “You’re not good enough,” can be equally as devastating to your spirits for an entire day or lifetime.  I’m sure you can think of times in your life where someone left a lasting imprint on your life due to the words they spoke.  With that being said, it becomes clear that the words we say to ourselves also leave an imprint.  The messages we send ourselves have power, and if unobserved, can lead to unintended self-fulfilling prophecies.  This is where the use of positive affirmations come into play.  A positive affirmation is a short statement which is repeated with the purpose of drawing your consciousness to the words being spoken.  These affirmations help give you power over your words, thoughts, feelings, and life as a whole.  They can be used to bring you into a happier mood, steer away fear, transform your way of thinking, break bad habits, and a variety of other purposes.

Throughout my life I have found that there is immense power in the use of positive affirmations.  There were many times where I might have felt lost or caught in a cycle of negativity and a few positive affirmations immediately got me out of my funk.  The most recent example can be seen where I would often call myself weird, or even crazy, for possessing a different set of values than most of the people surrounding me.  As a result of this, I would often go outside of myself to prove just how weird or different  I actually was.  One day as I was thinking over this habit, it occurred to me that maybe I’m not so weird after all.  Why am I labeling myself using the standards of the world?  In that moment, I practiced what I now call counter-affirmations.  I started to speak out, “I am not weird.  I am not crazy.”  However, I didn’t stop there.  I then went on to replace those labels with one’s I deemed positive.  “I am creative.  I am evolving.”  There was an immediate shift within and that shift was felt in the room around me as well.  Ever since that day, I have not had an issue with feeling as if I’m excessively weird or crazy.  This is just one of many examples showing how affirmations have shaped my life and made me the man that I am today.

Now it’s your turn!  This post is dedicated to the sharing of a number of positive affirmations, all of which can be used to aid you in everyday life.  You don’t have to utilize these affirmations everyday, although it is recommended.  Whenever you need a boost in moral or self-motivation, just come to this list and speak a few of these positive affirmations.  Heck, feel free to shout them!   I am certain that you will begin to feel a difference.

All-Purpose Affirmations

  • I am full of life.
  • I radiate love.  I am love.
  • Life is beautiful and full of opportunity.
  • I am the architect of my life, and I will build.

For Those Building Self-Confidence

  • I am a beautiful King/Queen.
  • There is no one like me in the World. I am unique.
  • I am happy in my own skin.
  • My confidence is not defined by someone else’s opinion.
  • I can do no wrong.  All things will fall in place.
  • I accept myself as I am.

Early Morning Affirmations

  • I’ve been given a new beginning.
  • I’m going to embrace all that comes my way.
  • I ask for guidance to carry me through today.
  • I choose to be be free today.

For Those Struggling with Fear

  • Fear is an illusion. I am truth.
  • I am at peace within.
  • I choose to let go of fear. It will not consume me.
  • I am safe, and will attract positive thing.
  • I can handle any obstacle I’m faced with.
  • This will only make me stronger.

For the Use of Stress Relief

  • Relax (slowly breath in), (slowly exhale).
  • Everything will work itself out.
  • I refuse to stress over what I can’t control.
  • I am enjoying this natural state of calmness.
  • I’m choosing to live in the moment and let all else fade.

Aspiring to Attain Success

  • My hard work will not be in vein.
  • I am surrounded by abundance and success.
  • I am in charge of my destiny and choose success.
  • My internal worth will generate external successes.
  • I am not a victim to laziness.  I will be productive.
  • Life will open many doors for me.

When You Feel Lonely

  • There is much to be learned in my solitude.
  • I am loved by some amazing people.
  • Life has given me time to embrace myself.
  • All the happiness and fulfillment I need is within. I do not need the company of others.
  • I am strong enough to accomplish what I need by myself.

Building Healthy Relationships

  • I will attract constructive people into my life.
  • I will present my authentic self to the people I interact with.
  • I will try my best to love all others, but most importantly, love myself.
  • I am open to receiving and giving love.


You simply have to think of a feeling, issue, or situation you want to address.  You then create an affirmation speaking the opposite of the situation.  For example, let’s say that you are afraid to fail an important test that you have to take in 2 days.  You could simply say, “I will not fail this test.”  However, that in itself isn’t enough.  It is important to replace the negative word, fail, with an opposite such as pass.  “I will successfully pass the test,” would serve as the second part of this affirmation.  This can be applied to almost any situation or feeling in life.

Other Helpful Resources

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